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Need urgent help with PAC transfer


Nearly two weeks ago I had brought a new iPhone on a pay monthly deal. I moved as I was previously on a PAYG iPhone. I have ALWAYS been with 3 even on PAYG. I had contacted to transfer my PAYG number onto my new Pay Monthly iPhone and was assured that the transfer would happen on the next working day which was Monday 6th Nov. I contacted twice after Mon and was told my transfer would happen the next working day as there was a delay with the transfer. It has now been two weeks and still no transfer. This is very irritating and frustrating because the 3 chat service reassured me this and I need my PAYG number on here ASAP as i need it for important daily logins for work etc which I can’t access without my PAYG number. Please can someone help me with this issue as the chat service clearly was unhelpful in this case.