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Community activity

Router not connecting to the network

Hi,I have recently received my three router in the mail with the Ethernet cable. Problem is the cable does not fit into the wall port as this is an old style bt phone line.can someone please advise if the correct adapter/wire to use to get the router...

Scott by New member
  • 1 replies

bills not updating

When I go onto my account either through the app or online my latest bill is not available. The billing seems to be stuck at May 2024

Unwantes Inactived add ons

Hi I have 2 inactivated roaming packages sitting on my account that I do not want or need, I only need a further 3day one how do I ensure the 3 day (which I have not bought yet) gets activated ? 

LFeezo by Fledgling
  • 0 replies

Three. Broadband

I have been tied into a 24 mth plan but not getting the promised coverage. A lot of my devices are now struggling to get any broadband. Been onto three but all they say is I have to pay to get out of contract even though I’m not getting broadband cov...

tbtina by New member
  • 1 replies

5G hub not responding with other router after a few days

so I’ve had a 5G hub for a little bit now, best broadband decision I’ve ever made and it’s brilliant, I have a deco x50 mesh network which carry it around on a separate Wi-Fi network and draws the internet from the hub. This works fine but every 2 da...

Kate31 by New member
  • 0 replies

Data topup

Hello, please how do I get my data topup 

Dami by New member
  • 1 replies

Buy 5G Hub

Hi,Does anyone know whether you can buy an unlocked 5G hub outright from Three? (i.e. without a contract)Cheers!

Three 5G Broadband Issues & Customer Service Team

I am having issues with a malfuncting ZTE Three 5G Broadband Router.The rouer is dropping signal regularly and the sppeds are so low it will not allow catch up Tv to run - which should only need 3-5mbps to work.On contacting the technical dept they s...

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