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Community activity

Issues connecting to 5GHZ wifi in NR5103EV2

Hi,I have a NR5103EV2 router and I'm having issues to connect to the 5GHZ wifi. I have separated 2.4 and 5 wifis. Some of my devices can connect to the 5GHZ without issues but my Samsung TV and Mac refuse to do it. Mac is telling me "connection timeo...

No internet & rubbish mobile signal

Since Friday lunch time 17th May our internet speed has dropped to around 1MB. We normally get around 250-300MB download speed. This is shocking and nobody seems to say there is a problem in the area. Same with the mobile signal and speed on our iPho...

Macster by New member
  • 1 replies

Unwanted goods from three

Hello, I'm presently going around my 3 accounts adjusting the initial mistakes made in the re reg or conversion of accounts and I have found one of my email addresses connected to my primary account showing my age to be 13 years old.How did this happ...

KK2 by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

No Internet

Since lunch time yesterday slow Internet and the circle of death on show we were trying to watch. All 6 light on 5g hub are lite but no signal or when running signal test even they are showing low upload and download speeds. Spoken to three and they ...

Home Broadband speed issues

Hello. I have 3 Home Broadband using the ZTE 5G router. I usually have no issues but I have a slow download speed of around 4mbps (normally 200+mbps) and an upload of around 70mbps which I thought is very unusual. These results have been maintained f...

Cancel Old Contract During Cooling Off Upgrade

I bought a contract in January but then decided to switch providers. Thing is I missed the cooling off period so obviously I had to pay the remaining fees if I wanted to terminate my contract with 3. I spoke online with customer service and they told...

6773dsd by New member
  • 2 replies

Phil H

A question about contracts, should I use different plans for my Tab S9 and my and my Galaxy A12 or just use the phone as a Hotspot as and when I need it? any help would be apriciated.

Phil-H by New member
  • 1 replies


Hi any one help me about this issue I think three network is totally fraud now because 3 months ago they send 2 SIM card my name contact but I don’t know how is possible without my permission they make contact my name then I call them and tell them a...

Robbani by New member
  • 2 replies

Slow speed

Strangely on the last evening of my 30 day trial my broadband speed has dropped to almost non existent. It's been very good in the previous 29 days, coincidence or throttling? I ran numerous speed tests on at least 7 or 8 different sites and the resu...

Bazowl by Fledgling
  • 1 replies
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