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Avoid 5G internet like the plague


I thought I was making a good choice when my Virgin broadband deal expired to join Three and take up Unlimited 5G internet.  My choice was influenced by a new mast being erected approx 200 meters from my home and the impressive speeds 5G was claiming.  I took my 2-year contract out in November 2023 and it worked like a dream until 17th March 2024.  I have, since that date, got 0.25 Mbps download, 64 Mbps upload.  I can stream, do banking, work or emails and just about able to make internet calls.  I called Three over 7 times, each time they fob me off.  The classic is "Wait 7 days and then switch the router off then on".  Guess what? mothing happens.  I am now looking to visit the shop to find away of getting out of this contract and going back to a reliable provider.  And these guys want to merge with Vodafone in the UK!!! God help us what they do with them.  Also there customer service is rubbish.  Its set up for mobiles and technical support extends to getting you to go into your router to do their technical stuff.  Disappointed?  yes I am.


Hi I also have had my contract for about 2 years and never had an issue until 14 days ago I also can look at emails and facebook but as soon as I try to stream on Netflix or Amazon prime it just buffers all the time I have also called so called help desk about 5 times and just get the fob off by some Indian I barley can't understand that they have their best engineers on it and if I want to cancel my contract they can do that. I have had a new hub that made no difference either my father who also lives in the NN3 area of Northampton who I also convinced into having 3 wireless hub is experiencing the same poor internet that I am so it's nothing to do with my location as he is even closer to antenna I have my mobile with 3 also and now unable to use that in my home.On the three network checker for two weeks it has been saying (

We're working on fixing an issue in this area at the moment. We're sorry for any disruption this may be causing.

We hope to have things fixed as soon as possible and will add any updates here) this seems to be an issue that they will never get fixed best bet is to avoid this company like the plaque 


This is similar to my problem, I joined Three also in November 2023 and mine also worked like a dream until the 10th March 2024, my speeds now vary from 0 (yes zero) to 15mbps. I have called Three a few times and they are no help at all.


I'm experiencing a similar issue - we moved to Three in November 2023 and to start with we were gettting speeds of up to 750bmps down and 40mbps up. About a year later we experienced a service outage of 3-4 days and when the service was finally restored our speeds were halved. Since then we've had 2-3 more similar interruptions in service, the latest being this week. Now we are back on 5g I can see we are getting something like 15-40bmps which is absolutely hopeless and not what I'm paying for. I can't get through to Three on the live chat, it just directs me to the support pages. I'll try and phone them later but this is driving me crazy.


me too but for the last two weeks it was awful then today for an hour seemed to get better but now gone bad again Three is terrible at the moment time to change I think for me my girlfriend and my dad mobile and broadband Three is going to lose a lot of money over this 


At least dial-up was reliable.