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Apple Watch pairing error

Hi everyone, We've moved everything relating to Apple Watch pairing issues to this new conversation and will be providing all future updates as edits to this post, so that you won't need to go searching through the comments for these. I appreciate th...

JonathanB by Community Moderator
  • 787 replies

Question about cooling off period

Hello, on Friday 19th April 2024 I upgraded from Samsung S22 ultra to Samsung S24 ultra. I was in a store on Friday looking to upgrade my phone and I wasn't 100% set on upgrading to the 24 ultra but I felt like I couldn't say no (I'm not trying to bl...

Aeraa by New member
  • 10 replies

“Amazing” deal 😂😂😂

Got an email from Three ===============================This new exclusive offer has your name on it. As a loyal Three customer we’re offering you incredible savings when you take out an additional contract. Share the UK’s Fastest 5G Network with lov...



Hi. Years ago I bought a Three data-only SIM for my ipad on a monthly rolling contract.  I now wish to cancel the contract, but when I call Three I'm asked for the mobile number of the SIM.  I don't know what it is and I know longer have the original...

EM by Fledgling
  • 2 replies


I have just purchased an android phone and need to transfer my eSIM to it from my iPhone. Any advice to assist me please?

Karl by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

Best solution Esim

Pay as you go esim?i bought a part as you go sim but want to use it as an sim while keeping my regular sim in the phone. How can i do that?

Blurkle by Fledgling
  • 4 replies

Router issues

Hi, i have recently received the ZyXEL NR5103Ev2 5G Router and have had nothing but grief trying to connect to it. Some devices, like my iPhone XR have connected easily and received good speeds, but others like my TV’s and PC have taken days to conne...

eSim & SMS Messages

I have recently moved my number from physical to eSim, all with Three.Since the move to eSim, I have not been able to send SMS messages to people Is there something I've overlooked? A setting maybe? 

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