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Nano SIM card

I am trying to update/change my router.It's asking for a nano SIM card, but the SIM card in my current router is a bigger one. How do I get a nano SIM card from three please?

WiFi Connected but No Internet

Received our 5G hub last week and it all worked brilliantly for the first few days. However since Sunday evening I've had no internet whatsoever. All devices will connect to the network absolutely fine but with no functional internet access. Have tri...

ZTE MC801A Wan IP lease time

HiHas anyone noticed the wan IP lease time is short? I mean mine changes around every 23-24 hours, and sometimes every 6 hours, I have no idea if its my signal, as its at NR5RSRP: -57, RSRP: -104 and RSRQ: -10, i was wondering if its due to fact my R...

Unable to top up using MiFi

I use a MiFi hotspot for connecting devices when away from my home wi-fi. Recently I topped up before leaving but ran out of data whilst away. I was unable to log in to top up until I returned home. I always thought the 3 server would allow logins fo...

Gwaihir by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

4g+ Hub not staying on

I received my 4g+ hub on Friday and set it up yesterday, all went well yesterday (with the exception of the app not connecting) I mainly used it to watch TV so nothing mad and overnight it's switched off and now will switch back on for about 20 secon...

Kblain by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

Home Broadband order page doesnt work anymore

I have been using 4G for my home network for about 5 years or more, then moved on to the home broadband plan. I want to upgrade or look at 5G but my postcode and also a few friends all come up fine on the signal checker but the order page always says...

Biobob by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

Do you absolutely have to return the router?

Hi There,Wondering if anyone can help, I have signed up to a new home broadband contract with Three, But what I want to know is if there is anyone you can keep the router after the contract is up? I have seen in the small print you have to return it ...

"New customer" prices

Hi,I've been a Three customer for a few years, with mobile phone SIMs then nearly 2 years ago with 4G Home Broadband.When I started 4G Home Broadband I got a 'special' price for existing customers (£17/month).Now my 24 month contract is coming to an ...

RMS by Fledgling
  • 2 replies
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