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Ps5 not connecting to the internet

About 3 months ago my Ps5 stopped connecting to my internet even though every other device connects and works to the internet. I’ve read multiple other posts about this and have tried changing dns settings but it still doesn’t work. Can somebody plea...

Noman by New member
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Broadband Blackout

5G Broadband is offline since 3pm yesterday (1st Dec Newcastle area). Other than what I’ve been able to find out on X, there hasn’t been a peep out of Three to explain what the hell is happening. No text, no email, nothing! Disgraceful!Unsuccessfully...


Major regrets joining three. Never had a problem with Vodafone ever and virgin media for broadband was great if it went down we knew prior. Then my husband decides to get the3 box whilst I was away and it's been uselesssince. Upstairs is so weak and ...

OAR by Fledgling
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Router Help

I was advised by 3 to change my existing broadband for a new contract with my 2 year contract coming to an end. I set up the new router but it doesn't pick up Internet the same as my other one, due to this I have put the new sim card in the old three...

Router allowing all inbound IPv6 connections

I have a ZTE MC801 router with Three's 5g home broadband. I was recently attempting to allow external access to a service on my LAN, and noticed that it was already accessible over IPv6. After some investigating, I checked with a port scanner and it ...

NR5103E with Firmware: V1.00(ACBJ.0)b14 no 5G connection

I've got the NR5103E with Firmware: V1.00(ACBJ.0)b14 and get no 5G connection whatsoever.I've had Three replace both the sim and the router and this has not resolved the problem.Putting the sim into an iPhone 13 gives 5G connection in the same room a...

cc-1 by Fledgling
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Best solution Unusable Broadband in Hove

The broadband network in Hove has become unusable in the evenings and at weekends. What can I do to improve it, or find out what’s going on with the network? It’s worked fine for the last18 months. On a side note EE also appears to be having the same...

NeilK by Fledgling
  • 4 replies
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