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4G Calling Abroad

Whether it’s for that just in case of emergency call, or so you can give your family and friends back home a moment by moment playback of your time away, staying connected whilst abroad is really important. Many networks around the world are already ...

JonathanB by Community Moderator
  • 0 replies

Number in Iphone not able to change after porting

I'm trying to change my number in my iPhone after porting my old number to Three. However it will not let me save it and has the original sim number saved. I have turned off imessage and facetime and re-started many times.  I have even tried putting ...

Data roaming not working abroad

Currently in Spain, I've bought 2 roaming passes, neither works. I've tried everything in my settings. I used a giraffe SIM last year and it worked fine in my phone.I can make calls and send texts.I didn't receive a confirmation email when I paid for...

Luciya29 by New member
  • 2 replies

Three are the best UK network

There are many negative threads in the Community.  But my overall experience with Three far surpasses my time with O2, Vodafone and EE. So, I wanted to put up a postive post: well done Three!!

Broad band

Good morning l am having trouble with my three 4g MiFi box the box keep on switching off and the internet isn’t good l have reset the box but l always been having this problem please could u fix this problem because due to the holidays l would need t...

Nhaida by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

Using Data in Canada

I can’t seem to access data in Canada. I have purchased a three day ATW extra pass, which according to the list of countries included should work in Canada, but it’s sat saying “not activated” in my account. Can anyone advise on what I can do? Is the...


Hi am just wondering if I could get unlimited data please or anything to pull me through till I next get paid which will be the 8th of next month because we are currently homeless and I can't watching nothing on my phone to keep me busy and not be bo...

Three is The Worst mobile Network in the whole UK

According to annual survey, mobile provider Three was found to be one of the worst, ranking in sixteenth place with a customer service score of just 66 percent. Nearly half (45 percent) of Three customers who took part in the report, claimed that the...

KAY21 by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Best solution In Cyprus and my phone has no data

When I landed I received no text from 3. My phone 15 has no data despite my being a pay monthly customer. I have tried turning on and off data roaming several times turning phone on and offresetting network I have got iCloud plus so that isn't the is...

Rayzor by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Data add ons not working

I’ve bought add ons while I’m abroad at the Balearic Islands and the data isn’t working at all? Any reasons why?

Best solution Ring doorbell app doesn't work on Three anymore?

Anyone else having problems with the Ring doorbell app? Live View just loads forever until you close out of the app. No push notifications come through if someone presses bell. Works on every other mobile network/VPN and Wi-FI. Seems like a block on ...

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