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Regarding network

Helloi bought 2 sim with unlimited data in December from your reputed company but I regret to find that it’s not giving me good internet allim using one sim in my card machine in Brighton  which is fine because it takes only transactions but the seco...

My3 app not working after update.

My3 app worked on Friday. I have just downloaded an update, I know big mistake, and now it's not working. Apparently something has gone wrong.I know that a system update was being done from 18.00 Saturday until 12.00 Sunday but it's now 14.20.A few m...

sc1999 by Local celebrity
  • 1 replies

Never received upgraded phone

Hi,I upgraded my phone to the Samsung S23 on the 21st of January through the Three App and have still not received it. I have tried calling customer support multiple times this last month, only to be told it would be shipped out. I have never receive...

LW95 by New member
  • 0 replies

Best solution Selling my phone under contract

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to sell my phone which is still under contract with 3? Obviously I would continue paying the contract but I was wondering if this is an option? Thanks

No sky

Unable to view sky via Huwie rooter now.Everything else works fine on 4g so why no sky on my iPads 

agf by New member
  • 2 replies

Not working

Hello I can’t call and my internet not working so I have 3G monthly plan

WiFi calling issues on NR5103E

I've been using the NR5103E on b15 firmware for a few months and love getting 900mb for £15 per month. I'm on 3 for my S22 Ultra and my wife is on EE with her S22. I get WiFi calling at all times but the Mrs has no signal with EE yet WiFi calling doe...

Adding a phone to a SIM plan

Hello. My contract has recently ended. I wanted to swap to a SIM only plan and retain my telephone number. The SIM plan I am looking at is a 24 month option. However, in the future, if I decide I want to upgrade my handset, will I be able to do this ...

HelenaM by Fledgling
  • 1 replies
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