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Pin number

I want to add a PIN code onto my SIM card but I don’t know the default PIN number, can you please help.

Gary1972 by New member
  • 1 replies

Number in Iphone not able to change after porting

I'm trying to change my number in my iPhone after porting my old number to Three. However it will not let me save it and has the original sim number saved. I have turned off imessage and facetime and re-started many times.  I have even tried putting ...


Hi I have a ZTE4G router I need to get antenna for it which ones are compatible please. All working ok but cannot get Wi-Fi in the conservatory- advice needed please

JLC by New member
  • 0 replies

Data roaming not working abroad

Currently in Spain, I've bought 2 roaming passes, neither works. I've tried everything in my settings. I used a giraffe SIM last year and it worked fine in my phone.I can make calls and send texts.I didn't receive a confirmation email when I paid for...

Luciya29 by New member
  • 2 replies

My data add ons are refusing to cancel

I've had two monthly boosts for a few months now and I've tried to cancel them multiple times by going on the app and pressing remove on them. However, if I changed tab and go back, or close and reopen the app, the add ons reappear. Same thing with t...

H3G LOAN being reported as default on credit score

on my credit score I can see a loan to H3G LOANS , the credit report is saying that the loan is in  default even though I am making a payment every month via direct debit . it also states that the loan started in. February 2024 but I didn't take the ...

CH8888 by New member
  • 0 replies

monthly boost renewal

My data resets in 6 days but i have run out and am going abroad so i will need a boost, however if it will only last untill my normal data renewal date i don’t think it will be worth it, so will it renew on my normal data reset date or a month from i...

mfoot11 by Fledgling
  • 0 replies

PAC code issue

Hello,I requested a PAC code on 26/05/24; it all came through fine and the message stated it was valid until 03/11/24. I later found out this is incorrect and it is only valid for 30 days. My new service provider had issues trying to port my number a...

Ash88 by Fledgling
  • 0 replies

three payment down?

Hi wondering if anyone else has the same issue as I am, i'm trying to get a new contract started but three isn't accepting my card for payment neither 3 other cards i have tried, all have the amount of money needed and i have called the bank and they...

Danner by Fledgling
  • 0 replies
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