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Retirement of 3G - ZTE MF730M 4G functionality.


Just had an email from Three from a "no reply" address so I can't ask them what they mean which is a bit useless.

The email says they are retiring 3G and that  "We’ve noticed that you might be using a device, or device setting, that isn’t compatible with our 4G and 5G network". When I subscribed to the device they said it was 4G future-proof. I ve checked the checker they linked to and it says the MF730M works with 4G but not VoLTE (4G calling in UK). It is a mobile broadband dongle that's not used for calls, just the internet. 

Can anyone tell me when I might need VoLTE when using the internet? Whatsapp calls or Zoom audio ?- I presumed these went as data not voice call.

Any ideas??

Than you




VoLTE or 4G calling is only used to make voice calls over the mobile voice network. What’s app and Zoom etc use data so won’t affect this. If your device is 4G compatible then you don’t have to worry if using just data. Looks like a mass email that was sent to everyone that ‘might’ be affected. 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

That seems likely @MZone, there's more handy info on this subject detailed in our 3G switch off page.

"You don't need to do anything if you have a 4G data-only device, such as a tablet. You can continue using our 4G network as usual."

@TY thanks for bringing this up, I think @MZone is correct here, but I'll reach out to some contacts to see if we can get any more clarity.


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