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Phone Downloading Unwanted Games


My Samsung s20 fe updates almost weekly, and recommends games to download.  Very intrusive.  It also seems to be downloading games to my secure folder without permission. 

I rang 3 helpline and they say it is a samsung app.  I rang samsung and they say it is a 3 issue.

I am due to get a new phone, but as it stands, I will not be considering 3 or Samsung.

Anyone have a solution?

Local celebrity

I had Samsung S21FE and OneUI 6 bricked it and fortunately Samsung repaired it FOC. As it left me without a phone, I bought a Pixel 8 Pro. It's nice to get back to unadulterated Android.

PS. I am off to O2 early next month.


It's just done it again.  App Cloud appears as the name of the notification, it then starts downloading instantly.

Really annoying.


I have a Samsung A52s 5g phone and I have only just started using a secure folder, and I’m having the same issue, games are being downloaded to the secure folder randomly, I have been deleting them, but I think it must be from Samsung, I never had this before I started using a secure folder and I don’t see how Three could download to that particular app. Mine also says Cloud app.