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Split port?


I purchased a phone from 3 around 2 months ago, it took close to a month for me to receive the phone and since then I have been unable to receive calls or texts from anyone who isn't on the 3 network after transferring my number from o2 (I believe this is a split port). I raised this with 3 and they opened a case file saying it would be sorted within 48 hours, this was 1 month ago... I was in contact with them throughout this month and am no further forward, I was then told today that it'll be resolved within 72 hours? To make things worse they have now taken the payment for my first bill, so i am now paying for a service that isn't being provided.

Anyone else had these issues?

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Call 333 or go on live chat and ask to raise a complaint. 

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Community Moderator

Hi @andercall10895,

We've recently resolved an issue which was causing delays in ports from o2. Are these issues still persisting, or was it fixed over the weekend?


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