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Contract comes to the end


Dear all, please can you help.My contract with three is coming to the end the 1st of April, however, I will be abroad until the 9th of April. I am planning to switch to a different provider on the 10th of April. My question is how much would I be charged in between the first and the 10th of April, considering that I will be out of contract I am not planning to use my phone while abroad. Am worried about my final bill. I would appreciate your assistance. Thank you 

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Instead of posting here you must contact 3 directly on "333".

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Hi @Irina12,

There's more info on switching and cancelling here.

In the situation you've described, we'd create a final bill after you switch on the 10th, depending on the period your bills cover, you'll either have a smaller bill than normal, as you won't have a full month to pay or if you've already paid for time past the 10th on the previous bill, we'll refund you the amount for the extra days.

Refunds of 50p or more are automatically sent. If it's a lower amount, we'll donate this to charity by default, but if you'd rather have this returned, there'll be info on how to claim this on the final bill we send you.

I hope this helps!


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