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Complete Your OS Upgrade


Every time I update my phone 3 forces me to "Complete My OS Upgrade" which basically means "we are forcing you to look at these apps and select some for you to download to make us money unless you unselect them". I also have random games just appear on my home screen that i HAVE NOT downloaded. 

Ive googled how to remove this and nothing seems to pop up, and it seems theres no help on the app either, so clearly its purposely a pain to remove. This is a very low and scummy thing to do, in my opinion and I'm thinking of leaving Three after 3/4 years because of this, its not fair and feels as if youre taking away from my privacy a bit.

How can i disable it?


Oh my God more overreaction and twonk. I’ve had iPhones since the year dot and am paranoid about keeping them updated. IOS updates mean just that;updating the operating system which has nothing to do with Three. I get the feeling there’s more to your post than meets the eye and perhaps you could be more specific as to your exact reason for describing your situation as “scummy” and annunciate your real gripe. 

Apple retain total control over  iOS, don’t believe they would ever allow anyone to just download items without consent, Android certainly does. 


I have the same on a Samsung phone, after every os update I am forced by 3 to complete the update by deselecting all the apps that are preselected by 3 to download, I didn’t get any games downloading themselves until I used a Samsung secure folder app, then I had four games downloaded themselves, after deleting them I got another four overnight, once I had deleted the Samsung secure folder app, I haven’t had anymore games download themselves. The apps pushed to you by 3 you can’t stop you will just have to unselect them after every os update.