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#WeSeeYou Network Season 2 Kick Off

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

We’re happy to announce that the #WeSeeYou Network season 2 is now open!

In case you’ve missed this last year, the #WeSeeYou Network is a culture-shifting initiative we run in partnership with Chelsea FC, building a long-term community of role models, celebrating the rich – but too often hidden – women in this field, and recognising the women who are the lynchpins of their sporting communities, and nurturing those who are set to do great things in the future.

We’re continuing to build a positive culture around women in this area at all levels, ensuring they’re seen, recognised and rewarded through opportunities, experiences, and mentorships.

Last year, the response we had was overwhelming, with sportswomen, friends, colleagues, and teammates all nominated for the network. These women all deserve to be seen, recognised, and acknowledged. Thank you for your entries and for shining a light on women in football. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

The #WeSeeYou Network Season 2 gives women in all areas of the football community the chance to participate in once-in-a-lifetime mentoring programmes, networking events, and specialist training in their chosen disciplines and passions

This year, we’re looking to hear about woman who are:

  • Passionate Players – Those that have dedication, talent, and love for the sport both on and off the football pitch. We’re searching for passionate female players who inspire others, and show a drive and ambition to elevate the game.
  • Community Champions – Individuals and groups who are paving the way for women’s football, the people who give their time to contribute to or make an impact on women’s football. Whether that’s a team, campaign, organisation, or active community member we want to hear about the work they do to nurture and promote women in football.
  • Media Masterminds – Journalists, broadcasters, and content creators, this is the space for you. We’d like to hear about anyone that’s working in front of or behind the camera, running interviewing pitch-side, or promoting their team on Social Media.  

Check out the #WeSeeYou Network and nominate a woman who deserves to be seen before nominations close on 11 February 2024.

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Nice idea but I cannot contribute as I do not watch football.