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Get your first 3 months for free with Three Home Broadband

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Thinking of changing your Broadband provider, but can’t be bothered with all the fuss of set up and switching? We’re currently offering the first 3 months for free, so there’s never been a better time to consider Three 5G Broadband. Order today, and you can be online tomorrow. And “installation” is as simple as getting the router out the box, and plugging it in!

Our speeds average at 150mbps, and we offer truly Unlimited data. Ookla has found Three to be the fastest 5G mobile network 4 times consecutively*, and Broadband Genie have confirmed in a recent study that they've also found Three to be the fastest mobile provider for Broadband. 

As well as no setup or installation fees, and no monthly charge in the first 3 months, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you don’t have to just take our word for it when we say that Three Broadband is Broadband, but better.

Check out the Broadband pages on three.co.uk for more info, and to check service availability in your area. If you’ve joined Three for Broadband under this offer, why not tell us about your experience in the comments below?


*Ookla speed tests award for Fastest 5G Mobile Network in the UK awarded to Three UK: Q1-Q2 2021, Q3-Q4 2021, Q1-Q2 2022, Q3-Q4 2022, Fastest 5G Mobile Network Speedtest Awards – 2022


Hi JonathanB,

Yes, I signed up for the £20 pm, 24 month contract offer with 3 months free today. I had to call into a Three store with my passport because I needed the delivery address to be different to my direct debit billing address & for security reasons you can’t arrange that online or via the Three call centre. Still, that went ok & I walked out of the store with my new router & sim. Setting it up was a breeze & I am very happy indeed with the initial speed both on Wi-Fi & Ethernet connections. If it stays like this consistently, I will be very happy indeed!

BTW I saw something on the Three website that it INCORRECTLY indicated that there would be an ethernet cable in the box & that the website would be amended to reflect that. There WAS an ethernet cable included with my ZTE MC801A 5G Router


If you already have the 4G+ Home Broadband Router from a previously terminated deal, what unlimited deals are available to get just the SIM?


Good evening, the contract with my current supplier runs out in December and I'm tempted to get the 5g home broadband from three. However, before I do I need to know if it is possible to alter the dns settings within the router? Cheers. 


Hi I'm not sure what you mean by the dns settings but with thus broadband you don't need phone line you just plug in a go so to speak.I didn't start a new contract with my other supplier as it was just way too much.I am hoping the price doesn't go higher or too much higher then this at a later date.At least you haven't got too long left on your current provider.


I would not go for the broadband if I were you. Nothing plbut problems since we got it. Honestly couldn't think of one good thing about it.


Data and call quality in Fort William area is terrible right now i recently signed up to 5g home broadband and have been very disappointed.i see on the network checker theres a problem in the area and engineer's are meant to be working on it,but i shared a social media post asking if others in the town are being effected and apparently this message has been on the three website for over a year and people in the town has been having problems with data in particular for over a year too.i just wonder why this wasn't flagged up by three when i ordered the 5g hub.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Higgi20233,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I had a check into this and we don't have 5G coverage in Fort William or the surrounding area. We perform checks at the point of sale, and 5G Broadband isn't offered if we can't supply the service at the billing address for the contract, so that is really strange that this went through for you.

I totally appreciate the disappointment, but we don't have an estimate on when 5G coverage will be available in that area. All of our Home Broadband deals have a 30 day return policy for if the coverage isn't meeting your needs.



Hi I have been with you for about 7 days now and every evening I lose connection around the same time every evening.Dureing the day its perfect but in the evening it plays up.surely I can't keep resetting it every day? 


Hi @JonathanB 

I have been trying to purchase, or have been considering purchasing, Three Home Broadband. I have been unable to though as there appears to be a problem with your website here - https://three.co.uk/shop/broadband/coverage-checker.

When I put the details where I live I get the error "Something went wrong. We can’t load part or all of the information right now, please try again or contact helpdesk." It doesn't say that Home Broadband isn't available. If I check with both neighbours addresses and those of the shop below where I live it says they can get Home Broadband.

I have spoken to live chat assistants on the website but they have told me there's nothing they can do to help.

Do you have any suggestions?