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Bill confusion


I’ve been cut off although I have paid my bill. I have a direct debit set up and can see on my online banking the payment has successfully gone through. I rang 333 and it states I owe money but I don’t?

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If you mean that the direct debit has gone through I think not because Three would have been notified of it’s failure and they would also try to collect it two times and only after that second failure would your service be suspended. Bearing in mind that you would have ample warning of the impending service suspension.  If you paid by some other means; card/bank transfer then it should be relatively easy to send proof to Three that you’ve done so. If you’ve sent a cheque make sure it’s cleared and in the case of both cheque and bank transfer,ensure you’ve put all relevant Three account numbers on your respective payment methods. In other words if you’ve paid it and your bank confirms payment has gone through then send proof. 

Good Luck.