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Have a Pay As You Go question? Read this first

There are 2 different plans on Pay As You Go. The Pay As You Go plan has been available since 7 July 2013, and the New Pay As You Go plan was launched on 12 March 2020. Each plan has a separate app and support options may differ slightly.   To avoid ...

StephR by Employee
  • 0 replies

Data roaming

I got this message from youHi there, it's Three.You've started a new billing cycle - so your data roaming limit of £45 has been refreshed. This amount excludes VAT, where it applies.Any questions? Get in touch: three.co.uk/contact-us What it means?  ...

Asih by New member
  • 2 replies

Cant find okd account to pay balance

I habe an old account with 3 which i need to pay off but 3 cant find my account with an account number. I have previously paid half the balance with the same account number but now they say they have upgraded system so cant access old account. Does a...

Raz1988 by Fledgling
  • 6 replies

Unable to send SMS to Australian number

Hi all. I'm unable to send text to Australian numbers, I've tried a few different numbers in Australia known to be in service but no joy. I've turned phone on and off etc, checked sim settings etc and all ok.  Can send sms to UK numbers ok.  I checke...

ssjdug1 by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Dont get data pack

Hiya all, hope this msg finds you well. Need help on my account .This morning , my PAYG have £20. I do register and login to buy £10 data pack ( autorenew).After bought £10 data pack, my account have  £10 without £data pack at all ( I do get the conf...

Three Abuse

My Plan 24 month plan price suddenly doubled. I have repeatedly called customer service for 3 months now. Their response is that it has always been that price. They provided me the  proofs@3mail.co.uk to send proof of my contract, but the email addre...

ian333 by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Go Roan Add On Pass

My son went to Thailand and purchased a go roam pass for £50 for 2 weeks, when this didnt work he bought another one also for £50.  When this didn't work either he realised that Thailand may not be one of the roaming countries.  I contacted customer ...

initial contract

I require my initial contract with Three in 2019, where can I obtain this?I know the date I signed if needed.

TL by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

Content filter setting ignored

Three mobile contact customer for well over a decade. The whole time I've had the content filter turned off. Recently got three 5G home broadband 2 months ago. The content filter is turned off for that also. This evening I'm being redirected, when co...

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