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Three have randomly removed my free roaming in go-roam destinations with no notification or warning


Like thousands of other three customers I renewed my contract in September 2021 before the deadline to ensure I retained the free roaming in go-roam destinations.

For 24 months I continued to receive free go-roaming... and this then continued on as a rolling contract... so I've had 33 months of free roaming.

This past month I suddenly received £45 in roaming charges.

Complaints to the billing team have got me nowhere.   They simply say that Go-Roam was removed from my account in March (with no notification or warning).   I've since submitted a written complaint and they are now saying my contract started on 17th october 2021 and didn't have free roaming..... despite the fact I've had 33 months of free roaming and the online chat at the time of creating my contract confirmed I'd have the free roaming benefit.  I even gave them an example of a previous bill that had free roaming and they are claiming the bill had daily roaming fees when it clearly shows zero!

Has anyone else experienced this recent change.   I'm getting nowhere trying to get it resolved?