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My data add ons are refusing to cancel

I've had two monthly boosts for a few months now and I've tried to cancel them multiple times by going on the app and pressing remove on them. However, if I changed tab and go back, or close and reopen the app, the add ons reappear. Same thing with t...

H3G LOAN being reported as default on credit score

on my credit score I can see a loan to H3G LOANS , the credit report is saying that the loan is in  default even though I am making a payment every month via direct debit . it also states that the loan started in. February 2024 but I didn't take the ...

CH8888 by New member
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monthly boost renewal

My data resets in 6 days but i have run out and am going abroad so i will need a boost, however if it will only last untill my normal data renewal date i don’t think it will be worth it, so will it renew on my normal data reset date or a month from i...

mfoot11 by Fledgling
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three payment down?

Hi wondering if anyone else has the same issue as I am, i'm trying to get a new contract started but three isn't accepting my card for payment neither 3 other cards i have tried, all have the amount of money needed and i have called the bank and they...

Danner by Fledgling
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add ons

HI Does anyone else find it very hard dealing with customer services. Today 19/07/2024 i rang three to ask about an around the world add on for 7 days as im am going to kenya tomorrow. I spoke to a female operative in customer services who confirmed ...

Double charged early upgrade fee

Hello I need help badly,I went on three website on 5th of June to upgrade my phone. I went through the checkout process and got to the bit to pay early upgrade fee. I put in my card details and made a online payment to three for £279.55. After  compl...

How to change my airtime direct debit

I have a phone contract and sim with three. On my bank they come out as 2 seperate payments H3g and h3gd p. I recently changed bank card so I changed my direct debit on my account. However it is the bill date and it has taken the h3g payment out of m...

Chloe20 by Fledgling
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Three scam their customers and lie

I was over charged a Roam pass on holiday when I got back June I was charged twice for a data package on the same day (the data package last for a week)my bill was £125 , and the first thing I did was call up and dispute this which the customer servi...

Mo2202 by Fledgling
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Anyone been scammed by 3G agent?

I'm having HUGE outgoing problem due to 1 call from 3g agent...he got into my account, messed it all up and now I'm facing charges for product I don't own!! So many calls and reports and I've been charged for agent fraud!!