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Unable to register to MY3


I previously had a contract with THREE and ported my mobile number to another supplier for a few months and decided to come back to THREE keeping my existing mobile number.

Now the issue is that because I have a closed account with my mobile number, I am unable to re-register my email address.

After TWO hours discussing this with THREE, the only option seems to be to create a new email address and re-register. However, the issue is with a new email address that I get the message "Please check the details you entered are correct. If you still encounter an issue, please contact us". I've checked and double checked, can only assume because my mobile number is still the same as the closed account that it won't let me register.

If THREE had disclosed to me that I was not able to use my old email address before entering into the contract then I would have not entered into the contract. I've requested THREE send me an email as part of my complaint that you have to register a new email address if you have a closed account! For some reason they refused to, so had to resort looking at alternative methods, including here ombudsman or even legal. 

THREE your a telecommunications technology company and your systems do not allow any of your customers to de-register or change an email address or even have multiple accounts for one email address - SHAME ON YOU THIS IS DELIBERATE BECAUSE I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT THEN BOUGHT A THREE SIM CHEAPER FROM A 3RD PARTY!

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I think you need to take a chill pill because your end of post illogical rant spoils the perfectly reasoned rest of posting. Suggestions;1) Make a complaint via the Three homepage,that way someone will take ownership of your issue and will give you a timeframe for resolution.  2) Can you log into My Three via the web? On the subject of legal,I doubt that Three will be quaking in their boots. Keep your argument reasoned and leave the hyperbole at the front door,that way you’ll make better progress.


I had a Three contract and ported out. Took a new deal as it was cheaper than an upgrade but used a different email address. Registered on the website using the temporary number and then ported my old number across and have no issues.