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Calls to disabled voicemail don't disconnect



I have bought a three PAYG sim for use while on a cruise. 

I won't be answering any phone calls while on ship to prevent callers from building up large fees. I also didn't want them to be able to leave a voicemail in case that also incurs a cost for them. 

I spoke with customer services to disable the voicemail feature which they did. However, now when I call my three sim from another mobile phone, when I reject the call, the phone I am calling from appears to connect to something. The line seems totally dead but the timer for the length of call is running and building up a couple of minutes. 

Is this a fault. Shouldn't the caller phone just terminate without connecting to anything when I reject the call from the three phone?

People who call me will think I have answered it but just not saying anything - and they could leave the call active for an extended period building up call charges. 

If this is a flaw and callers are possibly going to be charged, I might as well get them to turn the voice mail back on. At least that way people will probably just hang up anyway instead of leaving a message. 

Thanks for any help.


Community Support Team
Community Support Team


It sounds like your voicemail hasn't been correctly deactivated. The normal behaviour would be for the call to be diverted to an automated service that says the recipient of the call can't take the call. 

It would be best to get back in touch with the team to let them know this, and it can be corrected. It's also worth noting that people who call you while you are roaming will not be charged for those calls. The person who is roaming is responsible for any call or text charges. 

Whether you decide to correct the voicemail issue, or just enable it again, it shouldn't have any impact in terms of cost on any callers.