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How to disable your personalised name message on Three UK voicemail


Hi everyone,

I recently joined Three UK after switching from EE, but was most annoyed about two things, firstly how the customer support team are absolutely terrible, and I mean, TERRIBLE, and also how when you set your mailbox up, you HAVE to record your name!

Well, I am glad to say I think I have found a ‘loop hole’ that i’d like to share with any fellow privacy seekers!

For me, all I had to do is dial my Three voicemail (which is 123, or accessible by holding 1 on iPhones), then by keying 3, then 0, then 6, and then finally 1, and then after the beep, IMMEDIATELY key #, and then if you have the same experience as me (which I cannot guarantee), the call should hang up. 

Now try calling your number! You should find that your number is read out and you are asked to leave a message.

I really hope this helps people and can make people’s time with Three a bit easier. 


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Welcome to Three (I think). Useful workaround that I use myself. As for customer support that’s with a very small and at times frustrating s. On the flip side the network (in my area) is excellent so like many other things it’s a trade off. 


Yeah, the reception in my area is amazing compared to others, and it frustrates me that people in my area are just unaware that Three is even an option, people only really think of Vodafone, o2, and EE (which all are horrendous).

Three would be so amazing if the app was made a bit better (like EEs), and the customer support was either more trained, or just local so that they can understand what your saying.

I wouldn't mind paying an extra £2 a month for a better support team... I mean with Three your already paying sort of 'premium prices' which I get because they manage their own network, but come on... at least try and compete with other networks, right?!

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Just try your best to avoid using customer service if you can. It’s a bit of a lottery depending on who answers the call. That’s the same (sort of) for all call centres but Three are the market leaders. The best c/s I ever experienced was funnily enough EE. But hey as I said previously it’s a trade off.🤷‍♂️


Have tried what you’re suggesting but it doesn’t appear to work. I note that 3 upgraded their voicemail service so I am on the new service so not sure if thats why?


I have just been trying to do this and it just tells me it hasn’t been recorded it’s so annoying. I don’t want my name on it at all.

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Community Moderator

Hi @Saffy50,

I'm sorry to hear this is causing so much frustration. The recording needs to pick up something, but don't feel obliged to share your actual name. If it picks up some speech or perhaps even music in the background this should hopefully do the trick.


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