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I am on three but have got another 3 contract and sim but I want my old number to go over to my new

  • I have an old sim with my old number  with 3 months left but want the number on my new contract which is on three, whats the procedure to transfer my number over ,or the best way without it costing me more money 

Hi @kingkat64 

Hope you're well. Just to check, is your old contract out of term? So it is ready for upgrade or cancellation right? 

If so, here's the easiest way to transfer to your new contract. Call 333, Option 3 to cancel or upgrade. You need to ask the advisor to cancel your old contract down to a PAYG number. This will take around 30 days to complete (your standard 30 days cancellation notice). This means your number will be held with Three and you won't lose it.

Once it is a PAYG account, you can then call customer services again to get your old number transferred from PAYG to your new contract, which will take around 48hours.

It's worth mentioning that if your still within your minimum term contract (12/24month) then you will have to pay to cancel down to PAYG.

Hope this helps!

Lee - Retail