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App purchases of add-ons don’t work


After recent updates, the app now actually  lets you select an add-on and pay for it. But still the purchased add-on never appears next to the plan and I never receive any confirmation emails or messages.

Now that may well be because I should already have free roaming as this was part of the contract when I signed up, but it’s impossible to see what I can and can’t do and at what price while roaming from the app/my account. As I’ve been stung with astronomical charges (despute paying for “Data passport”, this is scary. This is basic and absolutely critical information but you show ads on the account page instead.

Back to add-ons - after getting “Thank you for your putchase” screen, there is no record of it anywhere. It doesn’t show in my plan page my account doesn’t show it either, it’s not there on my bill, just can’t find it anywhere.

So I have no idea if the purchase is complete, and from previous (costly) experience that gets me worried.


How can I find out which add-ons I have, what I can do with the phone and at what price while abroad and will i be charged your exorbitant roaming charges?

The app is super flaky with showing way too many unnecessary things and ads and not showing critical information. Stuff seems to show up and  disappear, the app is forgetting login and sometimes wants email and sometimes mobile number as user id and because the app can’t remember my user Id or use face ID (in 2024) this means I have to keep typing.

One final note on Data passport. Contrary to common sense and what all other providers do, your Data passport doesn’t provide full 24 hours. It ends at midnight but you are charged for everything up to the point you buy data passport. This is NOT clear anywhere in the app or as part of purchase process, it’s misleading and frankly a bit of a scam.



Dear three - did tou put a monkey face as my profile picture???!!?? Way to treat your customers. 

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Seems like your profile name is befitting! 😉

Community Support Team
Community Support Team


It's disappointing to see you're having issues with the app. I can't see what you see on the app, but for me the active Add-ons show in the Add-ons Tab that's on the bottom of the screen, 2nd from the right. Once in there, active add-ons should be listed in the "Your Add-ons" section. 

You might not see the Data Passport in there, that's something I've heard a couple of times and that's been given as feedback to the team. The passport is provided with up to 24 hours, and that can be reached if using it from the moment it becomes available for the day, which usually happens for anyone who has more than 1 of them, since the 2nd one will last from midnight to midnight, UK time. The information is available on the Data Passport page, however I think it's a good shout to have that information more visible during the process of ordering the Data Passport, this would make it easier for people to access the info. I'll forward that on. 

The issues you're having with the app showing things then not showing them, not logging in properly or forgetting the log in details, I can't replicate those issues from here. They might be OS version specific, or handset specific. It would be best to feed that back through the App Store or Play Store so that the software team can review that.