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Unlimited plans and missing credit


Advice please.

I bought and applied a £40 top-up yesterday in preparation for my now monthly (£35) unlimited data add-on which was due to expire at midnight.  giving my account total credit of £54

Since I don't seem to be able to renew my plan until it's actually expired I had to wait .  This alone is annoying but i have to live with it unless I'm missing something?  

Now,  Even thought my device was connected to my home wifi at the time and not being used, I started to be charged £3 every few minutes for using '30720 (kbytes)'  according to the Three app 18 times.  This resulted in all my credit being used up.  I did not receive any sort of notification ie text etc saying my balance was zero .   I just logged into the Three app intending to buy the addon only to see a big fat ZERO for my account balance.

Has anyone experience anything similar or could this be some random error with Three that will be sorted out when they fix things?

Also, Could I get some clarification on how I should go about topping up and buying addons in the future.  I used to visit a shop to buy a voucher then wait till my data expires and use the 444 number to redeem the voucher and buy the addon all in one go.   This doesn't seem to work anymore. I can apply credit but not buy the addon so I am forced to use the app. 

I did look at auto renewal but that seems to be card based only and not available via voucher.  I would be happy keeping my account topped up via voucher with enough credit for the unlimited35 to auto renew every month but can't   Is this correct?

All I want is a continual rolling unlimited plan paid for via voucher as simply as possible.

Please Help 🙂

ps bring back unlimited90  






I ran into a similar issue. I couldn't buy a new add-on until the old add on expired.. (even on the same day) and if you don't get it quick, any balance left in your account will be hoovered up in minutes. (it will run out at a random time on the day it expires)

I found if you go on the 'live chat' and you can get a person to over ride the system and renew your add-on. But the key this is don't leave any extra money in you balance, or it will be hoovered up !


Hi, this information may help with some of the points you have raised:

1) It is not possible to 'stack' plans/packs prior to your current pack expiring - this is system based so you are not missing anything here.
2) Due to a relatively recent system enhancement - you are now able to use cash credit balance to set up Auto-renew (it no longer has to be a debit card). This should help mitigate any further instances of the issue you faced above if you set auto-renew of the £35 Unlimited pack. 
3) Thanks for your feedback around the £90 add on, we're looking into whether it'll be possible to bring this back


I think you have a problem in activation the automatic renewal of my unlimited automatic renewal plan of £35 in certain time this why in instead of direct renewal it will start consuming the renewal credit balance that prepared to renew the plan

it happened this with me yesterday night. I have 36.54£ in my account should be auto renewed in 1 June unfortunately yesterday started to minus my credit as charging as normal rate not a plan 

I don’t know why, or I don’t feel it is my mistake, please let me know where exactly the problem is?

Now my credit balance is £0.00

Community Support Team
Community Support Team


I'm sorry to hear your credit was used up by accident. It sounds like something might have stopped the renewal from going through as expected. 

This a customer forum so there's no account access from here in order to have someone look into it. To get it checked, I'd recommend reaching out to the PAYG support team on chat where they can look at the account and determine what's going on. 



The problem was resolved positively. Thanks to the dedicated support team of Three and the concerned customer service agents.

Yours sincerely


I appreciate your positive response.
Unfortunately, the problem has not been solved yet. I made an effort to live-chat twice.
They said.
There is no credit in your account now to renew the plan package, as the credit has been disbursed due to a system error.