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Cancelled contract and I'm still being billed


I recently moved from the UK to Australia so informed Three I did not want to renew my deal at the end of my contract and wanted to cancel my contract. Since moving, I've been billed twice so I have contacted Live Chat and they are claiming that there was no cancellation request made - which is completely untrue. 

I have been advised I will need to raise a cancellation request - again - but I am reluctant to do so since I have already done this. I have requested Live Chat transcripts to prove my complaint, but have been told that I will need to prove my identity then wait 'One Calendar Month' before I'm able to receive these.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @toomyglover,

This sounds really frustrating, I'll do my best to help. We have a process for if there was a failure to cancel due to an error on our part, so you ought to be refunded back to the original cancellation date if there's evidence.

What happened when you got in touch originally as far as you recall? Was there a PAC or STAC code given for the account, or was it agreed we'd cancel the service on a particular date?


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