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Changed to Three/Vodafone.


I cannot believe how brilliant Three have been. I transferred from O2 after nearly a year of constant problems, will never use them again. Tried Lebara, that did not work, left after a month. From the day I ported my number over to Three the whole process has been quick and seamless. The SIM turned up almost immediately, my number was Ported within 48 hours, and finally I am now able to download my bill each month online. I say finally, as it was impossible even after a year to get a downloaded bill from O2.  

Well done Three an excellent service, 10 out of 10, would certainly recommend them. I am nothing to do with Three, this is just an honest report on my experience with them, I hope it stays this way.


Welcome along!


I briefly changed to o2, and found them to be a significantly poorer network (and for a higher price).

Key player

A satisfied Three customer on the forum. We must call in a taxidermist.