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Charged 9 times for Go Roam pass


In March I was charged 9 times for a 14 day Go Roam pass for the EU whilst on holiday. I contacted Three who told me that they would investigate and it would be resolved. When this did not happen I contacted Three again, who told me they would investigate again, and they would cancel my direct debit, which they did, and that I should call at the end of the month and just pay my normal monthly contract amount, which I did. The 8 extra pass charges did not get resolved by my next bill and yesterday my services were suspended due to the bill being outstanding. 

Today I have contacted Three again and they have again said that they will investigate and get back to me towards the end of the month. Where do I go from here? At this point I do not trust that the issue is actually being investigated, and my services are likely to get cancelled again when my bill is still outstanding at the end of the month due to the 8 extra Go Roam charges. 

Am I more likely to get somewhere by paying the £200 bill and then trying to claim a refund?


We are a customer based forum so have no access to your account. I suggest you reach out to 3 here. Scroll down and there is a link to fill out a complaints form if you don’t want to call/live chat them again.