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Help with 14 Day Go Roam Pass - EU


Hey I purchased 14 Day Go Roam Pass - EU and never got a confirmation email like it suggested. How do I know it’s actually worked. I don’t want to do it again and get charged twice but equally don’t want to get charged for roaming if it’s not worked 


Have a look under allowances. It should show a breakdown on there. 


It's probably gone through but call to confirm, I had it and purchased again bc got no notification and was charged 5 times, it's a known issue that they are trying to sort. 3 months later I just got the money credited to my account


How did you go about getting the refund for it? 



Hm!  Before we left for Brittany four weeks ago, I went into my neatest Three store to enquire about Three Roaming Plans. As we were away in France for just over three weeks, I was told that I could have a 14 day Roaming Plan, but I would not extend or take out another plan to cover the remaining 14 days!  Reading the website now, I find the sales person's advice to be incorrect! I find Three to be using a lot of high-pressure selling techniques, 'Buy this and get that' approach. Items, data, plans that I non't want or need! Not impressed! Shall be going elsewhere when my Contract expires later this summer.

To overcome that issue, we took out an Unlimited 1-month contract with Lebara instead. Unlimited Data, Calls, Texts etc and it worked ok.