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Proof of usage

It is rather frustrating the fact that it has been 2 weeks and no one from three is willing to help me with a document i require in order for me to complete my claim with my isurance company.My phone was stolen and i need proof of usage from three. I...

USA travel using Google as sat nav

Hi allI'm going to the US next month and I normally use my Google maps as my sat nav. The 12gb fair usage is not going to enough as we are doing a driving holiday . Is there a better way to get more data and also keep the cost down? Cheers

New sim

I got my new sim today put on my device all working fine do still need to activate it or not I have provided three with PAC number for my old to replace this sim but it still new number what should I do?

Alex22 by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

eSim, poor service, frustrations

I've recently purchased a Google Pixel 7 Pro after my old Oneplus device started having some issues.I received the phone and inserted my physical sim into the phone (iD) and started using the phone immediately without issue. When it came to switch fr...


Hi brother I no buy top up again I need free replacement free please my number send 07********* and my email *** please 

Majid1 by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

Saving voicemails on phone

How do I save voicemails on my mobile phone? I will no longer be using the 3 SIM card once I leave UK but I need to keep some important voice messages onto my phone 

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