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Request for proof of barring

  •  lost my mobile phone on 28 June 2023 And I have requested for my proof of barring and proof of usage from customer service I have received only the proof of usage after 2 weeks and the insurance company said they need separate letter for proof of barring and when they checked my mobile is not blacklisted yet so I have requested to three customer service for it they promised me to give it in 48 hours and after 48 hrs no email again requested for it after 4 times of request they said wait for 72 hrs and again no reply after that I message again they said i should wait 10 working days even after 10 working days no letter and again after 10 working days no letter I have requested for Letter again on 18th of August and they said to wait for 72 hours but again no proof it's been nearly 2 months but still I'm waiting for my proof of barring this is literally frustrating i don't know what to do this case is not only to me every person who requested for the proof it's happening same I have seen the customers in three community everyone having same problem i don't know what's the problem with the three service team it's really very bad i would never choose three and my family members to choose three in my life this is the worst provider I have ever seen the network usage everything is good but worst customer service please help me what can I do now

You could try asking your insurance company if they would speak to Three on your behalf.

Alternatively you could threaten them with the legal action. You could try speaking to the Citizens Advice organizational, if you are in the UK.