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Scam Calls


Please can Three confirm 

1. Would your upgrades team ever call to offer a discount/offer

2. What number would they call from?

I get mobile numbers and 0121 numbers calling me a lot 

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I think you should ALWAYS that’s ALWAYS treat unsolicited calls as dodgy until proven otherwise. The easy way to find out if Three called you is to call customer service and ask them to find out. NEVER give out your personal details and remember that if it sounds too good to be true there’s a good chance it is. Three’s numbers as far as I’m aware always start with 0333……. so it’s either a scam or perhaps a third party trying to flog you an airtime deal. I’m leaning towards scam. 
Be careful.

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I must be lucky as I never get spam calls. My 3 contact ended yesterday and not one call offering me an iPhone for 20 quid.

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 Good luck 👋👋👋

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Community Moderator

Hi @kateo0803 

1. Yes this could happen, but if so it would tend to be near the end of the contract, not totally out of the blue.

2. Our numbers all begin 0333 338 but... the scammers are "spoofing" the numbers they call from. They could make it look like any number is calling. As @Anonymous says, if you weren't expecting a call, and it sounds too good to be true, there's grounds to be suspicious.

Customer services will have records of calls we're making, and if we've got a promotional offer for you, it goes in the account notes, so we wouldn't make an offer that's only available on that specific phone call.

Please report these landline and mobile numbers, they're spam or scams not Three. More info on how to do this here.

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Got a call from 01466260060 calming from three and offering me my remaining 10. Months contract for half price. Lol I thanked tham but I do not want any special offers