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Unable to reuse my old email from a previous Three Account


I have tried many hours with support on the phone and by chat to sort an issue I have.  I have a number of phones contracts in my name.  Before I could manage them all with one email account.  System changed and each account needed their own email.  All set up ok.  Apart from one account.  I’ve explained and explained that I have one account that has 2 emails linked to it.  One is my daughters email and one is mine, so there are 2 email address that can access the account.  I want my email back for my business account.  But I can’t register as the system says my email is already registered.  Yes it is linked to my daughter’s phone along with her email.  Three say only one email can be registered, something gone wrong somewhere as two emails are registered to one account and they both can access the same account.  All I ask is for three to deregister everything on my daughter’s account so that we can start again in the hope that my email is released.  Three say my email is not linked to any account, but it is as when I log in with it, it goes to my daughters account.  And my daughter uses her email and it goes to the same account.  Please someone at Three help and support as your technical team by phone and chat cannot resolve.  

Local celebrity

3 may be considering that your daughter is the account holder so why not see if she can talk sense into customer services.

As for the daft idea of a unique email for each number please do not get me started.


Thanks sc1999.  She is not old enough for her own account.  It is ridiculous.  The business team tell me to speak and ask Personal contact team to reset the account for new registration, business team say it can be done.  But when I speak with Personal team, they say it can’t.  Why can’t business team help me and talk directly to the personal team??? Rather than me trying to explain again and again and still got no where after weeks.