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Upgrade issues


After originally planning to leave 3 I was given a new deal that sounded appealing  through the Live Chat for an upgrade as my current contract is nearly over.

Went through all the routine stuff of phone, airtime plan etc then they suddenly started asking for all my financial details and bank account details and annual income!

When I said I've been with 3 for 20 years and never had to give these details for an upgrade before they said it was due to some new system being in place and they needed to do a new credit check on me.

So, if I'd let my current plan auto renew they'd not do a check on me or need my bank details again so why do they need it for an upgrade?

I told them to cancel the order but they just left it as an open order on my account and now I can't even try to cancel it or edit the details.

All very strange. Just makes me think they're trying to keep me on hold until my contract renews automatically so  I'll be stuck with them.

I'll be going to my local store this weekend and get them to sort it out.

20 years custom and treated like an idiot.



After unsuccessfully cancelling my order, I went to my local 3 shop this morning only to be told that they do not have access to the account!

I have just finished another live chat with 3. They tried to complete the order, went through the whole process of it again including the credit check only yo be told there was an 'error' with it... no explanation as what the error is, just.... an error. Did I fail? Is there a computer issue?

Nobody knows. 

All I originally wanted to do was give them early notification that I wanted to cancel my contract with more than a full month's notice. 

Due to the time this has taken I am now within the last full month and if I cancel my contract now, I will probably have to pay a fee!

It feels like they've used stalling tactics to force me into a renewal. I will be making a formal complaint about this. 

20 years of custom and just been messed about. Seriously bad service 3....

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I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. I can confirm credit checks do take place with upgrades these days. We've moved onto regulated device finance loans, so there are requirements for credit and affordability checks, even with existing accounts.

In terms of your concerns about paying extra to cancel as a result of this issue, that shouldn't need to be the case. When you request a PAC (to move your number to another provider) or STAC (disconnect your Three number when you move to another provider) you can set a date with your new provider within 30 days for the Three service to switch/cancel, an early termination fee will only apply if you set that date for before the end of your contract term. So if you request a PAC or STAC, then just let the new provider know that code, and the date you'd like to switch everything over. You can tell them to do this on the end date of your contract term to avoid paying a termination fee.

There's more info on switching and leaving here. I hope you reconsider and do decide to stay, but that info should hopefully help if you do decide to move.

I appreciate errors like this can be really frustrating, but the team would normally be back in touch when they've fixed the issue. Have they advised when they'll be back in touch?


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Thanks for your reply.

The live chat operator just said I had to contact them again in 24-48 hours. I've since had no contact from anyone regarding the issue. 

I really can't be bothered to keep going around in circles over this now. What should have been a simple job of upgrading has now gone into the 3rd week. 



I have just tried for the third time to use the live chat to sort this issue!

After calming down I decided this was going to be my final chance for three to get their act together and yet again the networks constant dropping in and out of signal has scuppered it.

Halfway through the conversation the network drops out, conversation disappeared and I was left yet again getting no further.


It's beyond a joke how they keep telling us how grwat their coverage is yet my signal is the weakest it's ever been and I constantly have issues calls cutting off and data signal dropping out!


Oh, and to add that I found the same phone, same airtime deal with their 'partners' I.D mobile for 12 pounds less a month than they were offering!


Absolutely useless.