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beyond annoyed at this point- since "system update" no SMS is being sent with OTP on


After 5 or 6 chats with support, being put through to second line support twice and being given a reference number - I am still unable to log onto my account. The OTP never gets first three couldnt send me it either(but they fixed that! just not for me!)


I have spent about 20 hours on this so far, havent been able to access account for over a month. i am going to miss out on black friday upgrade deals too all as i cannot log on


the livechat is no help, ive changed my email address so many times on their request


uninstalled the three app about 50 times and re registred at this point - but nothing fixes this


Just received ANOTHER email off three saying "your issue is resolve and ticket closed"


but no.



HOW is this fixable? i cant even raise a complaint as i cannot validate my account.😡


Please help anyone.

(never had issue receiving OTP from contract start to September of this year)😖