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Have a Pay As You Go question? Read this first

There are 2 different plans on Pay As You Go. The Pay As You Go plan has been available since 7 July 2013, and the New Pay As You Go plan was launched on 12 March 2020. Each plan has a separate app and support options may differ slightly.   To avoid ...

StephR by Employee
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Online purchase

Hi, I tried to male an online purchase if a phone lastnight. I received an email of the orders number but as unsure as if the order went through.  The order number as follows (***) Can you please help My email is ***  

Joy1 by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

Presale tickets

Trying to get presale code for TV Girl concert in Leeds, but nothing coming up on the 3+ app.  Anyone have any luck?

Ratty101 by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

Forced apps after Software Update

Absolutely disgusted by Three's latest money-grabbing scheme that forces game downloads after a Software Update.As has happened with all software updates in recent months, when the latest Samsung/Android update happened this morning, Three forced me ...

Cannot login to three + app

Morning. I had a reward I was about to use in the three+ app but it had logged me out and I am now unable to login again. Password change setting didn't work and tried re-registering but that doesn't even recognise my phone number as a three number. ...

Unable to login to three+

When I try to log into three+ app I get the following error. (I’ve been using this password for quite some time, and biometric login was also enabled, which worked all this time)“Please try again later.Sorry, you've tried to log in with the wrong det...

Best solution Three+ unauthorized: invalid number

I've had my family's three numbers moved to a business account and since they've been migrated, two of them can no longer access three+, and I get the following:Sorry something went wrong. Unfortunately you're not able to register for Three+. Please ...

Amn35 by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Genuine Three number or Scam?

Hello, I received calls from different numbers last week and today from these numbers saying that they were calling from Three promotional departments:  013138173800131381438301146979115016152414250130686621202081299424 are these numbers genuine prom...

Want to leave and awful service

So I have used Three's 5G broadband for a couple of years now, and it's capability has been patchy at best, and I've been looking at alternate providers as frankly the poor service is enough to drive me up the wall (service here being the connectivit...