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Return label never arrived. Can i return the device myself at my cost?


I ordered a home broadband Router and after few days, contacted Three to cancel the contract and return the device (within 30 days cooling off period). I was told that the contract has been terminated successfully and will be closed and refunded once I send the device back after receiving a return label in an email in 16 hours.

I contacted Three again after 5 days when no label was received and was told that there is some internal issue with DPD label and they had processed it again.

Again after a few days, i contacted them over the helpline the 3rd time and same response.

Then i wrote the whole thing over email to the Broadband customer care team but still no response.

Now I am receiving emails from Three that it has been 14 days and have not returned the device and they will mark my account active again. This is extremely absurd and from a company like Three.

On one side they have such bad internal processes and may have made this deliberately so difficult and frustrating. I mean I can order the device and pay online without any human interference but for return and refund, i have to go through this gauntlet of processes.

Can anybody help me to solve this one? Can is send the device back myself at my cost to an address where they will process it as they will through their return label? Any help would be appreciated.



All you can do really is start making complaints I would do it by the online complaints form, keep a screenshot of everything and if you do call keep a record of the time and who you spoke to.  You see a lot of people desperately trying to get returns labels/packaging on these forums, occasionally a mod will respond to try and help, but that seems to be a rare occurrence as well.