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Zyxel NR5103E(V1) versus V2 Connection Issues

I have just been sent the newer version of the NR5103 (V2).And knowing the issues I had with the earlier model I made sure to match all the settings on the new version. The issue I have is the ipv6 v ipv4, and not being able to connect to most device...

Alx7 by New member
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Don't upgrade to Zyxel!

Had the ZTE router for two years. Always ok, good speeds 400mbps+ but... Frequent service down for maintenance in area. One time on to customer service to find out how long service would be down for and they said router was very old and I should repl...

Agentdm by New member
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ZTE MC888 5G router USB C port not working

My ZTE MC888 router has a usb c port at the bottom which when I plug into my computer shows CD-ROM, and when adding a usb into it i am not able to add a public storage drive to my internet, is there a way for me to add this to my router? Or is there ...

Zyxel NR5103E - yet another one that won't connect to 5G

I received my router and sim yesterday, it will not connect to 5G yet my phone gets full 5G signal when placed on top of the router using the same SIM. I read on another post here that there are some faulty routers in the system, I think mine was rec...

Sojourn by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

Zyxel NR5103E has a manufacturing fault

Got that sh**ty Zyxel NR5103E from Three and I don’t remember how many hundreds times I’ve done a Reboot within a year and 2 months. 3 Hard Resets. 1 time a new SIM card replacement. More than a week have no 5G inside the router, uploading speed is 0...

Not Compatible ?

Hello,So I'm trying out Three broadband as I'm in the first 28 days... So far, so good Except since I turned off our Virgin Media broadband and plugged in the Three hub, my Cloud Backup isn't working at all.  Its provided by Curry's store in the UK. ...

tubstar by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

confused...but i had 5g honest!

Hi, sorry if its an epic story, about 12 months ago, after 3 did area checks I took out a 24 month contract with 3, first 3 months free then £20per month there after for 5g internet. My NR5103E arrived and i spent some time finding it a home, eventua...

MC888 Disconnection Issues

Hi, hopefully someone is able to shed some light….and able to help? I’ve put a couple of posts up reaching out but am pulling my hair out as I work away from home and my wife keeps telling me that the internet has gone down (again). It was getting be...

thearea by Fledgling
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