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Re-registering for My3 and the Three App

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**Update 01/12/2023: We’re pleased to confirm, all accounts have been moved to the new My3, but we’ll keep this article in place as many of you still need to re-register. Unfortunately you won’t be able to change the email linked to your account without our help. If you have multiple numbers, are unable to access the email linked to your account, or need any other help re-registering, please get in touch.**

Hey Everyone,

We’ve been hard at work this year to upgrade the systems that support our network and your accounts. This means that we’ve been able to start providing lots of awesome new and improved services, like eSIM, smartwatch pairing, as well as a greater range and flexibility on our price plans.

We know that staying on top of your billing, and having easy access to all the options on your Three account is super important, so we’re also upgrading My3 and our Three App too. After the system update completes for your account, you’ll be asked to re-register for our new and improved My3, so we’ve created this guide to help make this as straightforward as possible for you.

Who will receive the update?

We’re updating every account that was opened before we launched our Three Your Way plans on 30th January 2023. We’ve already completed the update for a large number of customers, so if you’ve re-registered for My3 this year then don’t worry, you won’t need to repeat this process.

How will I know when I’ve been updated?

We’ll be in touch, look out for emails or texts from us about the system updates. We’ll give you notice of when we’re carrying out the work, then your My3 and App will temporarily be unavailable for a couple of days whilst we complete the updates. You’ll receive a further message to confirm when everything is good to go, and to let you know you can re-register for My3 again.

Do I need to do anything before the update?

For the smoothest experience, please ensure you have registered an email address with us before your account receives the update.

You will need to verify the email as part of this process, so please ensure that you have access to the email you have registered. If you have multiple phone numbers with Three, you should register a unique email to each number you have with us.

If you need to check or make any changes to your registered email, this can be done from My3 or the Three App before the update. If you wait till afterwards, you’ll need help from customer services to amend your email before you can re-register.

How do I re-register?

Just pop over to the login page, pop in your Three number, then select the “Register” button on the next page.

Enter your email address that is already registered with us, and then set a secure password of at least 12 characters. Any mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters are allowed.

Once you click register, you’ll get an OTP (One Time Passcode) by text, and an email with a verification link to complete your registration. We’ll continue to periodically send OTPs to you when you login if it’s been a while, or if we see a login from a new device, so we can help keep your account secure.

Need more help?

If you’re running into any issues with re-registering after your account is updated, then please give us a ring or have a chat with us.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the new look and feel of the updated My3 and App!

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“If you have multiple phone numbers with Three, you should register a unique email to each number you have with us”


You see this is the problem for me and many others. I only have the one email address that was perfectly fine for the two, three accounts I have. One is mobile one is broadband 


Now I’m being asked to create some fake email address that I’ll never use, just for three 

Not a happy customer from a previously very happy customer 


My total sympathy as I'm in the same situation. A week ago I had my 3 Three numbers on the My3 app and it was a breeze to check all three. I knew that as soon as a 'system upgrade' was in the offing it would mean trouble and sure enough it is! I can register my phone number but can't add the other two without creating two more email addresses, what a clunky, ridiculous way to go about things. Even that doesn't work as I created a new email address for my broadband account and every time I try to re-register it just says, this account is already active and that's with a NEW email addy. I'm afraid I can't face another 2 hour call to the 'help' line so I rang up a local branch of 3 in the nearby town and the chap there was very helpful and said pop in and they would help. I find Three's helpline nothing of the kind, once you've navigated all the options to actually get through to a human being. My summary of Three: great signal, help (except the chap in the local store) extraordinarily poor. What happens if they have another 'system upgrade' the same hassle all over again no doubt. Very frustrating. 😞

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @BillyT,

I appreciate you're unhappy with this requirement for a unique email address for each Three account. I've passed this feedback on from you and some other community members. At the moment, adding separate emails is the only solution to access My3 for both of your accounts.

I'll send you a PM to get you in touch with some help if you want to amend the email info on one of your accounts.

To view your private messages on the community, click on your avatar image in the top right of any community page, then "Messages".



Thanks for taking the time to reply and thanks for forwarding mine and others concerns about this change of policy that effects our ability to view our account.

but I am simply not prepared to generate a fake email address just for three. So my problem can not be resolved 


I’m having exactly the same problem thought it was just me it’s crazy can’t look at my numbers bill but can look at hubbys as they were registered under same e mail address his e mail address has been changed but mine keeps coming up with there is another number registered to this e mail address when there isn’t now complaint hasn’t been answered despite being put in 3 weeks ago 


I'm at my whits end. I just don't know what to do. It's time Three sorted out this total mess.



This is an utterly ridiculous system. I have been a Three customer for 15 years plus and have always had several accounts registered to the same email address. I am not creating a new email account to simply to be able to access the account on my second number. Luckily the contract is up on my second number so I will be transferring to a different provider tomorrow. And when the contract is up on my first number I will be transferring that too. It’s a shame as up until now Three has been fantastic. 


Same here, manage a number of family accounts from the same email. Spent a few hours chatting with support tonight, should have come here first. Will close all accounts asap, complete and utter downgrade will push many away.


Just realised the dates on some of these posts, obviously have taken feedback and decided no change necessary. Must be looking to offload customers.