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Ready to Roam this summer – Giveaway

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

*** Update 01/05/2024 ***

Thanks for taking part everyone, this prize draw is now closed, so new comments won't be entered to the giveaway, but we're happy to receive any more feedback about this topic in the replies.

Keep an eye out for a PM from us, we'll be contacting the winners by the 03/05/2024. If you receive a message to confirm you've won, please make sure to reply to this in order to accept your prize. We'll announce all the winning usernames here in the next few days.

Are you ready to Roam? 

Make the most of using your phone abroad with our Ready to Roam giveaway. 

We’re excited to give you the chance to win 1 of 10 7-day Go Roam passes to unlock your Three UK allowances in any Go Roam in Europe or Around the World destinations.  

To enter, comment on the thread below before 09.00 on 1 May 2024 to let us know how easy you find getting your device ready for roaming abroad is with Three. 

10 winners will be randomly selected on 2 May 2024 from all eligible entries. We’ll drop the winners a private message between 2 and 3 May 2024. Once all winners have accepted their prize, we’ll update this post with their usernames.  

If you don’t want to enter this prize draw, please do not comment on this thread.  View full terms and conditions.  

For more information on using a Go Roam pass and how to get roaming ready, head to our roaming support page.


Find it very easy to set up roaming. Off to Lanzarote next month


Visiting many countries in the Mediterranean this summer, Spain , Italy, France, Balerics,  all are included within the roaming countries.

Always check in advance what's required and what's available to determine what is best value.



I'm off to Turkey in June! all the information I need to get my device ready fro roaming I found online easily!


I remember when Ready to Roam was free ...


I'm off on holiday in August and I have found all the information I need in easy steps on the website!


Jersey and Guernsey next month May. What are the options?

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @sensible1,

Pop over to our Roaming info page, and if you enter Jersey, Guernsey, or Channel Islands as your destination, and select the appropriate options for your plan, you'll get info on the charges and passes available.



Easy to set up . But text messages could be clearer when you arrive abroad. Took me a while to work out what I needed to do


Only getting used to this


I thought the information on the website was quite clear about Go Roam destinations and I never had an issue activating my allowance in them. However, when I tried to buy a data passport for using in a destination that was outside the network of Go Roam, it became confusing, as it told me to expect an email with a confirmation, which never arrived. I just had to assume that the data passport was purchased and activated (which luckily was the case).