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Data service blocked by 3


i have validate active data plan, and i can see it on 3 app. now im in italy but my data still not working.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Antonferns,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues, there's a few things you can check.

On your Three App, check in the "Manage your plan" section if the spend cap is set to £0, this may be stopping a daily Go Roam charge from triggering.

If that doesn't help, check on your phone settings, just to be 100% that Data Roaming is enabled there, as this may be stopping you from connecting.
Another quick thing to try is toggling airplane/flight mode off and on again, just in case your SIM hasn't synced up with the local network, this will disconnect and reconnect you, so it can sometimes help.
Next check in your network/carrier selection settings, if you set this to manual or toggle automatic off, you can try connecting to different local networks, just in case there's an issue with a specific network you've automatically connected to.

If none of these options seem to help, customer services can check to make sure that roaming is enabled on our side, or if there's any other issues which may be causing this.

Please let us know how you get on?


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