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No internet abroad


I cannot use the internet due to roaming issues when traveling abroad. I signed a new contract with Three last September and went to Spain the same month. At that time, I couldn’t connect to the internet initially and tried various troubleshooting steps, but it only worked after I restarted my phone. Later, I traveled to Paris in November and Iceland in March, but couldn’t use the internet in both places. Despite checking settings, restarting my phone, and trying everything I could, nothing worked. A friend who traveled with me also used Three, and even after matching all their settings, it still didn’t work for me. I am going to Italy the day after tomorrow and am very concerned that the same issue will occur. When I call 333 or try to chat, I only receive automated responses and cannot speak to a human to resolve my issue. What should I do?


Check you have roaming activated on your phone. Check your spend cap is not set to £0 as this will stop you paying for the £2 a day roaming charge which means you won’t be able to roam.