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Pre Sept 2021 Contracts


Back in Sept 2021 I started a new contract in time to take advantage of the old "feel at home" system for travel - basically using your home allowances in Europe, USA, Aus etc with no extra travel.

Has anyone else started to get charge daily allowances?

It seemed to start in March this year: a daily charge in Brussels, and then a while series of them in USA.

Ive phoned to complain but they insist my contract was post the deadline, which doesn't explain why these charges were not applied in any travel until March this year. But their service is horrible. They don't listen and just repeat themselves, and I can barely understand. If I wanted to be a customer of an Indian company I'd go to India. Very frustrating. 


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When Dave Dyson was in charge of Three the prices were very good with lots of “perks” as per travelling abroad. Regrettably he’s now left ( pushed) ??? the company and since that time prices have gone up and things that used to be included are now chargeable such as the things you mention.