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Roaming outside the UK


When I went to France before, I wasn’t able to use the Internet at all. I made sure that I had activated the SIM before leaving the UK and had sufficient date allowance. I’m going to visit Switzerland at the end of this month and don’t want to face the same problem again. Would anyone let me know what the cause was or what I should do before the visit to Switzerland.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hey Yoshi1, welcome to Three Community.

I'm sorry you weren't able to get connected while in France, that's no use 😣 Let's make sure you're set up for success for your next trip.

First of all, let's check that international roaming is active.
Open the Three Pay As You Go app, and tap 'Menu'.
Under 'Plan and device', tap 'Account Settings' and then 'Manage your service settings'.
From here, you should be able to see if 'International roaming' is turned on or off and change that as needed.

You may also need to turn roaming on from within the network options in your phone's settings menu. Let us know what make and model you're using, and we'll find those steps for you.