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App doesn't allow me to register


I was in danger while I was abroad and I couldn't use my network. not even the 333 number was working. I tried about 10 times to chat with someone and no one replied. Set up the app was never so stressful and complicated since is not taking my email address even though I've been a customer for about 14 years. Time to move to another network? I really like to talk to a human

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @NellyR 

I'm so sorry to hear this, not being able to use your phone whilst in a dangerous situation must have caused you a lot of stress. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what the issue might have been without knowing your destination and sim type. Did you receive a text message from us when you first arrived abroad?

It's frustrating to hear that you weren't able to chat with anyone directly. Our chat service opening times online are in UK time, and if it was within these hours we would expect that you would be able to speak with someone. We'd love to help you get your app set up if you haven't done this, were you receiving an error message when trying to register with your email?