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Visual Voicemail.


**Tired of Waiting for Visual Voicemails on Three**

Is anyone else out there just exhausted from waiting for Three to support visual voicemails? It feels like every other carrier has this feature, making managing voicemails so much easier and more efficient. But here we are, still waiting.

Visual voicemail isn't just a convenience—it's a necessity in our fast-paced world. It allows us to see and manage our messages without having to dial in, listen through automated prompts, and waste precious minutes. Instead, we could simply glance at our screens, see who called, and prioritize our responses.

Despite the numerous requests and the obvious demand, Three remains behind the curve. It's frustrating to see other carriers offering a service that saves time and hassle, while Three users are left stuck in the past.

Three, it's time to listen to your customers. We want visual voicemail. We need visual voicemail. Please, bring us the feature we’ve been waiting for. The wait is getting old, and our patience is wearing thin.

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As Judge Judy often says " M O V E ".




Have been asking about this for years, to no avail.


Maybe just maybe when/if the merger with Vodafone happens something may change.


We also had no Missed Call Alerts for decades, but that has thankfully changed,  and is a welcome addition. 


My prediction is unless Three merge with Vodafone and customers get migrated to Vodafone's platform they will not provide Visual Voicemail. The demand for voice calls has dropped substantially with the rise of messenger services like WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage.


Funny article here about people calling without messaging first: Wondering why that millennial won't take your phone call?