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Good afternoon, I would love to leave a review for one of your advisors, her name is 

Shalon Bardeskar, I hope I spell it correctly, she was a lovely and extremely helpful person to talk to, she was the only one that really helped me since I started to call almost every single day to have some problems sorted out on my account. I truly hope some of her managers will notice this review and she’ll hopefully be promoted because she really deserves it, due to her professionalism, I’m very grateful for her help. I spoke with her for less than 15 minutes and everything ended up being sorted, compared to hours that I wasted on my phone with lots of your advisors that, in the end, didn’t help me with nothing, but just wasted my time. If you see this, Shalon, thank you again, it was a pleasure talking to you, I’m glad that this company still have employees like you, I really appreciate your help.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi Beatricia,

Welcome to the Three Community!

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback, and for taking the time to post this. I'll make sure this gets passed on, it sounds like Shalon did a fantastic job turning a difficult situation around.