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My 20 year old number has been deactivated without any warning !!!


Hello , 

I have been a loyal customer of Three for many years but my 20-year-old mobile number has been deactivated by Three without sending me any warning ! 

Currently , I am in Ukraine with the terrible war going on,  without the ability to travel back to the UK at the moment 

 - so losing my mobile number connected to many online services incl. banking - is a real disaster !

My number was registered on Three Network all the time in roaming and I used it regularly.

In September 2023 , I signed up for the New Three Mobile app and everything worked OK .

The last service message I received from Three was on October the 1st - Welcoming me to Ukraine and 

telling me all the roaming charging costs etc...

Yesterday, I  realized that my number is not working and after chatting with customer service, I was told that my number is deactivated!!!

  It was a big shock as I never received any warning text or email from Three telling me that my account was at risk, and my balance always remained topped up .

I would like to seek any advice or help on what can be done in this situation.

It is crucial to get my number back !

Thank you very much in advance !

Kind regards from Ukraine ,



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @AndrewY,

I'm really sorry to hear that you've lost access to your number. For PAYG you need to make a chargeable usage within a rolling 180 days to keep the service active. So any outgoing call, text, or by using some data.

If it doesn't seem to be the case that the line has been deactivated due to non use, then we can certainly take a closer look for you. I'll send you a PM to get you in touch with some colleagues who'll do their best to help.

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