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Name Change on Broadband and Mobile Account


Hi there. I have emailed the three times now with the relevant documentation and information that I need to update my surname on my broadband and mobile account.

This situation is unique and sensitive and I don't want to through it again on here, but I do want someone to update my surname on my accounts as a matter of urgency. I sent the first email on 24th February at 10.49am, the second on 26th February at 10.12am and I have just spoken to someone on the phone about another issue I was having and they have told me to email that email again for a third time to have my name updated.

Can someone please update the names on both accounts detailed in my email as soon as possible. I do not understand why Three customer service never seems to work and do what they say they will.

As soon as my contract ends on my mobile and broadband, I will be taking my money else where as currently I spend a total of £100 a month on my phone and my broadband and the network cuts out regularly, and any time I contact customer service for help I am met with radio silence and little assistance.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @abbycarla,

I'm sorry to hear about this situation. I can totally appreciate that you don't want to discuss the situation in detail, and I apologise in advance if I've misinterpreted this at all.

As you've mentioned this is urgent and sensitive, you may be best to contact our Customer Wellness Team. They're specialists in accessibility and vulnerability, which can cover a wide range of scenarios and situations. If the customer services teams haven't been able to help, then they may be able to support you.

I hope this helps.

If there's info you'd rather not discuss in the public forum, you can also message me directly from my profile @JonathanB if you let me know a bit more about the situation by PM, then I can check if there's a suitable way to escalate this for you.


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