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PAYG Go Roam in EU no longer free?


I'm on SIM only monthly reoccurring PÀYG £10 deal. It has always given me FREE Go Roam in Europe and some other places. I arrived to Cyprus (Larnaca) and from day one it started to charge me for text and voice calls to the UK? Customer Service Chat - four agents and two full hours - were close to being useless... The final agent said it might be a technical problem? 

My Three App account shows ... UNLIMITED minutes UNTIL 1 January 2222 ??? Data usage 12gb is not charged, only text and calling?? 

Anyone have similar issues - any chance of actually speaking to a real agent on the phone and not chat?


I believe it should be included if you’re not in Northern Cyprus. Maybe you have inadvertently roamed on a Northern Cyprus Network if your close to the border? Try doing a manual roam and selecting a different network. Alternatively call them from abroad (standard roaming rates apply) +44 7782 333 500


Hi manulike,

I have same problem but in Bulgaria, chat agents were terrible with the same outcome "Technical Problem affecting all our PAYG customers on reccuring 12GB pack" It stinks, if that was the caes it would be all over the Internet. I have same issue calls and texts exp Jan 2222 i am going to let my Data pack expire on 9/6 and get a new one on 10th if its same my suspiscions will have been confirmed...3 are stopping Roaming for us in EU it's probably illegal but they will do it anyway...another Brexit charm!


I was hoping that it might resolve when flying to Hungary on 29 May - but no. I can still text /call UK etc, but get deducted 15p per UK text and 35p/min UK call. It only resolved after my 30-day PAYG auto-renewed (while I was still away in Hungary) on 2 June ,and now No more charges (despite my minutes/sms in app still showing 1 January 2222 expiry ...


I feel your pain!!! I found the same thing happened when I went on holiday! I’m on a contract and even though I turned my roaming off I was still charged!! I got a text saying I had to pay each day to release my uk usage! I won’t be renewing my contract!