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My broadband hub is faulty so I have to wait for a new one to be delivered I am housebound so I need Internet for kindle, Facebook, movies, WhatsApp. It keeps me in touch with the outside world. Lucky me 3 have offered me a £4.50 refund. I asked to give me mobile data so at least it could read & catch up with friends but NO I only buy 1meg of data but it never carries over but now I have to buy more even though its not my fault my hub does not work???? Is 3 always working well phone & hub I buy both yet now I pay more. I think I need to move on any advice?.



I do think you should be speaking to customer service again because I agree with what you say. Tell them you’re not bothered about the £4.50 but would like some data whilst  you await a replacement hub. I can’t frankly see any issues with that and I wish you luck. 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Wildeymiller,

I'm sorry to hear about this. Have you been in touch with the Customer Wellness Team? They're specialists in helping  customers with any accessibility or vulnerability concerns, so they'll be best placed to check what options we have to support you whilst you're waiting on the replacement hub.


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